Seven Locks in Bride and Prejudice for Monday

Seven has started to lock in the rest of its schedule for next week.

On Monday nights after My Kitchen Rules will be  Bride & Prejudice – The Forbidden Weddings. This one promises to be talked about.

BRIDE & PREJUDICE – THE FORBIDDEN WEDDINGS follows five couples as they decide to make a life-long commitment and get married in the face of staunch opposition from their family and friends.

They are all striving to show doubtful loved ones how differences in culture, religion, age and sexual preference do not affect their ability to love and be loved.  As they announce their engagements and meet the in-laws, emotions run high.

Will familial pressure impact their upcoming nuptials, or will the love of a potential spouse outweigh the love of family?  Will they go through with the weddings if family members ultimately don’t approve?

Against all odds, these couples will aim to prove that their relationship has what it takes to build the foundation for a long lasting marriage.

This controversial new show was filmed under a veil of secrecy and will send shock waves across Australia. The emotionally charged fly-on-the-wall series features real people tackling real issues on their path towards marriage and love.

BRIDE & PREJUDICE – THE FORBIDDEN WEDDINGS begins Monday at 9 pm on Seven