The New Stowaways Muscle In On The Race.

The New Stowaways Muscle In On The Race.

On tonight’s episode of The Amazing Race Australia, the teams travelled to one of the harshest, and apparently windiest, places on earth: the opal mining town of Coober Pedy, South Australia

After successfully escaping their cabins onboard The Ghan, teams were confronted by a very big, Hulk-like, surprise – a new Stowaway team. Meat (pun intended) The Bodybuilders, Stan and Wayne.


At the Detour, teams chose between Above or Below. In Above, they had to collect 100 buckets of mining waste and chuck them into a sifter. No guesses which Detour The Bodybuilders went for. Once the nervous pees were out of the way, teams that chose Below were dropped into a pitch black mine to find an opal, before making their way out of the tunnel maze to a secret exit in an underground hotel.


The Da Vinci Code vibes were strong in the next challenge, as teams entered an underground church to precisely angle four mirrors, in order to shine a laser onto a giant opal.


In the next Roadblock, one team member had to paint a letter of the huge “Coober Pedy” sign, (think Hollywood sign, but not).


In their final tee-rific challenge, teams enjoyed a spot of golf. One team member hit the ball, while the other caught it in a mini golf “green” (aka pile of dust). The last two teams at the green were The Kimberley Cousins and The Power Couple. With the wind wreaking havoc, Holly caught a ball that Dwes was trying to hit to Katherine. Talk about rough!


The Geek and the Princess, Chris and Aleisha, arrived at the Pit Stop in first place, followed by The Gold Coast Girls. Unfortunately, The Kimberley Cousins, Dwes and Katherine, were last to jump on the mat and were eliminated from the Race.