The Mole Bumped to 9:30 tonight schedule now added

The Mole Bumped to 9:30 tonight schedule now added

It seems The Mole isn’t working for Seven at all.

Tonight’s episode has been bumped to 9:30 Fans struggled to get into The Mole in a stripped format a show that has been aired once a week since its inception.

Next week the show will air at 9:30 pm in a double episode on Wednesday July 17.

The 7 schedule now looks like this

Wednesday July 10
7:30pm Surveillance Oz

Tonight, a thief shows CCTV cameras more than he intended, a man dices with death at a train station, and in the battle between bike rider and boom pole, boom pole always wins. Then, a police pursues a criminal through busy inner city Melbourne.


8:30pm Criminal Minds  new episode 8 x16 as scheduled

9:30pm The Mole epiesode 5

Contestants storm Melbourne’s Brighton Beach, with its iconic colourful Bathing Boxes for a treasure hunt. Then in an intense game of trust, with allegiances being exposed and destroyed, who is playing for themselves and who is playing for the group?

Thursday July 11
8:00pm  new Border Security International
8:30pm Movie: Red
11:00pm Winners and Losers rpt

Tuesday July 16
7:30pm ABBA: Dancing Queen special

We go inside the ‘Dancing Queen Studio’ to hear the story of the creation of ABBA’s most popular song and its importance in ABBA’s success story. The conception of Dancing Queen is multifaceted and intriguing as we learn how ABBA mixed influences from American music with their own Swedish and European roots to create something unique – and unforgettable

Wednesday July 17
7:30pm  New RSPCA Animal Rescue dbl ep

A tropical flea plague threatens to kill two vulnerable puppies. But the RSPCA’s attempt to help them is interrupted by an angry relative of their owner. Then, Sydney Inspectors launch a massive rescue effort to capture a number of animals trapped in the concrete labyrinth of Sydney’s storm drain network, which stretches from the city’s west to the ocean. Hosted by ANTHONY FIELD

8:30pm Criminal Minds Repeat
9:30pm The Mole ep 6 and 7

The contestants arrive on Wreck Beach, a desolate beach on the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, for their next game – The Steps. Then just when the contestants least expect it, a past challenge comes back to haunt them. The fate of the contestants rests with one of their own and that one contestant holds all the power before someone is eliminated. Hosted by SHURA TAFT

Thursday July 18
8:00pm Movie: Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

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