Melanie Vallejo to host Seven’s Formal Wars

Melanie Vallejo to host Seven’s  Formal Wars

Winners & Losers’ star Melanie Vallejo isthe host of the new reality show, Formal Wars, in which a group of high school students hand control of their high school formal to their parents.

What’s more important to a high school student than the school formal? Nothing! It’s the biggest social event on their calendar, the Cinderella moment when they’re transformed from a gawky teen to the glamorous adult they’re destined to become. But will the fairytale turn into a nightmare when all control is taken away?
Each week Formal Wars sees two high school students receive $2000 towards the cost of their school formal. But there is a catch: if they accept the money then all the decisions are taken out of their hands and their parents take charge. Mum and dad will decide what they wear, who they take as their date and even how they’re transported to the event.

Host Melanie Vallejo – best known for playing Sophie Wong in Seven’s hit drama Winners & Losers – said she was thrilled to take on the new role.
“It’s been so much fun hosting this show, and seeing how these kids react,” Melanie said.

“This is the biggest event in their lives and they have very strong views about what they want and the turmoil created when we hand over the control to their parents is priceless.”
Formal Wars is coming soon to Seven

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