The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Great Debate: 11 May

Paul McDermott, Cal Wilson, Josh Thomas, Rich Hall are amongst those who will debate whether “actions speak louder than words” at this year’s Comedy Festival Debate on TEN.

Get ready to have your funny bone broken in a raucous onslaught of punchlines and an assault of unassailable (ill)logic. Divided into affirmative and negative teams on the chosen topic, the biggest brains of the Comedy Festival pull no punches in the battle of wits that is the 24th Annual Great Debate.

A sell-out event on the Festival’s calendar, the Great Debate sees the heavyweight champions of comedy step inside the ring for numerous rounds of ferocious verbosity.

This year’s topic is “actions speak louder than words”, and six of comedy’s local and international elite will be on stage to battle it out, including Paul McDermott, Paul Foot, Eddie Pepitone (making up the affirmative team) and Cal Wilson, Josh Thomas, Rich Hall (making up the negative team, with moderator Corinne Grant.

8:30pm Saturday May 11 TEN.