The Masterchef Top 10 become 8 in a week of torture

The Masterchef Top 10 become 8 in a week of torture

This week on Masterchef there’s an offsite challenge that will test the contestants like never before  , a blind taste test of Laska and the usual service e;; elimination. Here a look at what’s ahead.


Sunday 17 February, 7.30pm

Off-site Challenge – Mansfield

In an offsite challenge like no other, the Top 10 contestants are going bush. In two teams, the contestants have to cook for 50 high country cattlemen and horsemen. But there’s one hitch: they have no ovens and no electricity. How will the city slicker chefs go out of their comfort zones in this challenge?


Monday 18 February, 7.30pm

The Ultimate Blind Taste Invention Test

Tonight’s episode sees the winning team from last night’s high country challenge face the biggest invention test ever: Laksa. (Did you know Laksa has 40 ingredients?) One person will get immunity, while one will fail and join the losing team from Sunday night’s off-site challenge in tomorrow night’s restaurant service challenge.


Tuesday 19 February, 7.30pm

Restaurant Service Challenge

Tonight, six contestants battle it out in a double service challenge. It all begins with a one- hour lunch service of two main courses, but just when they think they are done, they are told to reset for a three-course dinner service. For one, the Masterchef: The Professionals ride comes to an end.


MasterChef: The Professionals

7.30pm Sunday, Monday and Tuesday on TEN.

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