The Masked Singer Dragonfly promo and first clue

The first costume for the upcoming season of The Masked Singer Australia has been revealed.

Dragonflies are known to gather in swarms, but our Dragonfly will stretch its translucent wings and steal the spotlight when it’s given the chance to fly.

Flying insects have a stigma for being a tad annoying. Mosquitoes and bees, we’re looking at you! But there’s always been something mystical about a Dragonfly.

Watch the magic unfold when our ethereal Dragonfly takes to the stage for the premiere of The Masked Singer Australia on 10.

20.07/20 Update 10 has released the first clue for the Dragonfly. Internet sleuths, here you have it: “I may be classically trained, but I’m famous for some other moves.”

The Masked Singer Australia. Coming Soon. to 10.