The Masked Singer announces The Hammerhead updated with first clue

10 has revealed another Masked Singer costume.

You can’t touch this. Seriously, we know there are a lot of rules around at the moment but our Hammerhead will bite if you get too close to The Masked Singer Australia prize.

Hammerhead is on the hunt for the last tool to add to its belt, and it won’t stop until it makes a splash in the headlines.

There is some-fin special about Hammerhead. It can shake it like Sharkira and will not give up until it nails it.

The Masked Singer is coming soon to 10.

Update 30/07/20 With a clue

Today’s clue has bite: “I’ve never started a fight… but I always nail them in the end!”

The Masked Singer Australia. Premieres Monday, 10 August At 7.30pm.