The Living Room June 13

Oprah’s organising guru Peter Walsh is back on The Living Room this week.

Declutter With Peter Walsh: Nadene and David

Sydney couple David and Nadene are in the middle of a clutter crisis and it’s driving a wedge in their relationship. David is the key clutter culprit, and what started as a mountain of mess in his man cave, the shed, has quickly spread throughout the whole house.


Pets With Chris Brown: Winter Proofing Your Pets


Winter is upon us and while we rug up, it’s easy to forget that our furry family members feel the chill as well. Dr Chris Brown shares his top tips for keeping pets cosy and safe when the weather gets cold. From what to do about heater hogs and hungry dogs to the breeds that need a helping hand to keep the cold at bay, Chris has the answers to winter proof your pets.


Food With Miguel Maestre: Margaret River Olive Oil


Western Australia’s Margaret River region produces some of the country’s finest wines, but Miguel is in search of a different drop.  At one of Australia’s most awarded olive oil producers Olio Bello, he discovers flavoured olive oil perfect for making desserts, no butter required. Bring on Miguel’s olive oil shortbread and Olio Bello’s mandarin chocolate mousse.


7;30 PM Friday on Ten.