Sarah’s Masterchef Shocker

Sarah’s Masterchef Shocker

Well that was interesting and exciting elimination that now leaves the competition wide open

The losing team from the 60th wedding anniversary challenge faced elimination last nigy . Brent, Byron, Emelia, Colin, Jamie, Tracy and Sarah were greeted in the kitchen by the judges and 16 cloches, each concealing a classic dish.

In round one, the contestants had to identify these dishes by sight alone, with the first three contestants to name a dish incorrectly going into a second knockout round.

Everyone guessed spaghetti carbonara, tarte tatin and osso bucco correctly. Colin stumbled on pad Thai and  Tracy and Sarah incorrectly identified coq au vin as cacciatore, sending them straight into the elimination cook off.

Sarah, Colin and Tracy were given 60 minutes to cook a dish based on the ingredients from the classic dishes  they had incorrectly identified, with chicken as their protein. Colin chose to make a chicken pithivier (a French pie), Tracy a chicken ballotine and Sarah a chicken roulade.

It was a close call as to whether Colin would get his pithivier cooked in time. Sarah also raced against the clock,  choosing to sous vide her chicken roulade and then finish it in the pan. There were concerns Tracy’s chicken would be overdone.

In the tasting, Tracy’s chicken was cooked well, but the judges agreed it was not the prettiest dish. Colin’s pie was beautifully cooked but bordered on ordinary. When Sarah presented her dish, it was obvious to Gary and George that there was something very wrong. The chicken was raw and therefore it could not be tasted.


The judges were devastated to announce that because Sarah’s dish could not be tasted, they had no choice but to eliminate her from the competition. The judges praised Sarah’s spectacular food throughout the competition, her great leadership in team challenges and her formidable mystery box form. While clearly upset, Sarah remained positive and more passionate than ever about pursuing her future in food.  She admitted that she couldn’t wait to see her son Phoenix and fiancé Devinder. Sarah now plans to move to Melbourne and hopes to start a modern Indian restaurant


Masterchef airs 7:30 Sunday-Thursday on Ten


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