The Living Room July 19

The Living Room has a bit for everyone this week. 


Chris Brown finds himself in one of Australia’s best kept holiday secrets, Cape Range National Park. Just 1200 kilometres north of Perth, it’s a spectacular haven of unspoiled beaches, surrounded by the beautiful Ningaloo Reef. One of Cape Range’s top attractions is the Navy Pier, known as one of the world’s best walk to dive sites. Built in the 1960’s and still owned by the Navy, Chris is granted permission to dive beneath it, coming face to face with the pier’s head of security, a 200-kilo groper fish.



It’s Xmas in July and guess who’s coming to dinner?  The NSW Blue Mountains is the perfect Yulefest destination and chef Miguel Maestre is preparing a winter feast for his whole family.  Miguel adds a fresh twist to a delicious turkey roast with his mouth- watering turkey leg roll.  Then, with a little help from his brother Carlos, Miguel makes the ultimate Christmas in July dessert, bread and butter pudding.



As the chilly winter weather sets in, we find ourselves spending more and more time indoors. Sydney couple David and Susie, have the perfect house for summer, but during winter their living room is less than inviting. Renovating guru Barry du Bois offers them some much needed help. Baz’s plans for their living space involves more than a basic fireplace fix. He wants to bring it into the 21st Century with a brand new Bioethanol eco burner. Plus, designer James Treble steps in to help out with some winter-inspired styling.



Dr Andrew Rochford dishes the dirt on the common cold and flu and shows us how best to survive the viral war zone this winter.  Learn how to avoid the flu, how to recover from it and find out if chicken soup really has any healing benefits. Plus, Andrew hits the streets to investigate the most controversial flu of all, man flu.

7:30 PM Friday on Ten

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