The Block sky high the teams continue work

The Block sky high the teams continue work

It’s almost the end and  we have had 50 episodes as of tonight so what will tonight contain

Each team have their spaces and three days to do it. Jarrod and Madi have a bedroom and ensuite to do they are ahead with the tiler and jip rocker will be there for the day. Jarrod meanwhile will clad the back wall with timber and finish the bedside table

Matt and Kim have a huge task ahead of them sanding and renovate walls and a lot of shopping. They are having a discussion about to where to place the TV and fireplace but can’t decide.

The twins who have the hallway bathroom foyer and laundry. They need to plan everything carefully as they have a lot of trades working today.

Jhonno is working the ensuite that joins matt’s dressing room and is cutting up some bricks. Unfortunately it is ending up on Matts paint work so he has to start again but matt isn’t fazed.

Bec and George are a day behind due to the trench problems the other day Bec lost her mind at Keith swearing at him after he said George doesn’t work hard so Keith has come and apologised with flowers and chocolates. Bec also apologises for her behaviour she feels bad about how she spoke to him.

The twins must install the hot water system for Bec and George as well but the plumber can’t come till tomorrow this will cause major issues as it needs to be sorted because trades will clash. Lysandra is upset and now things will need to be changed.

Matt is working on his timber wall with his low hanging bulbs and the electrician has come to check things out matt needs lower voltage lights.

Madi and Jarrod are working on their bedroom and ensuite when shelly stops by they know they are ahead. They have gone with a darker timber Scotty and shelly think they could be a bit more out there.

Bec and George are being innovative with a floating bed and wallpaper. They are a day behind but are being creative and wowing the judges with a floating room.

Trixie and Jhonno are working on the ensuite this week. With three styles of tiles and a raised platform for the bath. Jhonno was cutting the bricks to get the doorway to a decent size. Trixie says it’s all coming together nicely.

Matt and Kim’s master bedroom is going to be full of different textures. They will have a polish render wall. They are also doing a Victorian ash feature wall with a lot of different colours

The twins having a challenge as all the trades go through. The laundry will be industrial and they like the idea.

Jhonno is still grinding after 4 hours so matt has done nothing and he has had enough. Bec and George have received their $5000. They decide to hang it near there master bedroom. Jhonno is making his own flooring and due to the carpet being done in 2 days he will have a late night doing his tilling so matt doesn’t get further behind.

After getting some food from the neighbours Kim has the idea to start her own sausage catering company Kim’s bangers. Most teams are in for a late night doing work except for Jarrod and George who watch a movie.

The next morning everyone struggles out of bed. Jhonno says he won’t hold up anymore and tile everything today. After yesterday’s drama over having no plumber turn the twins and shoran decide its first in best dressed.

Kim has decided to turn her sausage catering business into realty and she has gone to make her own sausages they also do some shopping while their builders are constructing things. Jhonno and Trixie haven’t done to well with their style but their tiles are all different.

The twins need to plan up their hallway Alisa is in charge of wallpaper. George and Bec need to paint their wall so the wallpaper will stick better but Alisa and Lysandra apparently don’t have too.

Preparations are underway for the structures for next week spaces like the kitchen so Keith is overseeing that while Trixie is playing a trick on Madi however she accidentally dropped it down the hole. As night falls the feature wall for Bec and George’s room goes up.


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