The Living Room July 12

This Week Lisa Mc Cune and Gary Mehigan make appearances.


Winnie is a school librarian with a love of books and nowhere to enjoy them. Her spare room is a junk room but she has visions of a Lara Croft themed library/guest room. The room itself is small but has a double height ceiling and great natural light. She has two grand to spend and so Baz and our designer James Treble will compete to create the perfect room for Winnie. They’ll each create a room, but Winnie can only choose one.



This week it’s the matador verses the Masterchef as our own Miguel Maestre challenges Gary Mehigan to a food duel.  Cooking with the backbone of Australian cuisine – minced meat, these two culinary whizzes create mince magic with a dish you can eat with your hand.  Beautiful Bondi Beach is the stage for the mince off … and hungry local lads will judge their creations. Will Miguel make mince meat of Gary’s dish?



This week Amanda meets up with one of Australia’s favorite actors, multi Gold Logie award winner, Lisa McCune.  Together they indulge in a taste of thespian life when they meet up at one of Lisa’s favourite Melbourne haunts, a late night lounge where she likes to un-wind after an evening under stage lights. Amanda quizzes Lisa to find out what she’s learnt from her many on-screen roles. She can still wield handcuffs like her Blue Heelers alter ego, Maggie Dolyle, but the first aid skills she’s picked up on Ten’s new drama series Reef Doctors leaves Amanda in the dark!



The wildest and wooliest Living Room segment is back as Dr Chris showcases some weird and wonderful animals.  He answers the call from a confused owner whose weaned kitten has begun suckling on their male dog!  Plus, there’s free flying fun in the studio as Chris sets a barn owl soaring over the heads of the TLR team and a cheeky Cockatoo shows us his tricks.

7:30pm Friday on TEN



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