Sunday Night July 14

This week Sunday Night has an exclusive on Home birthing and a chat with Beyonce.

Exclusive: When Home Birth Becomes a Crime
It’s one of the happiest and most joyful moments in every couple’s life together – the birth of a child. But across Australia, family homes are being turned into crime scenes when homebirths go wrong. Police arrive with the ambulance, evidence is seized and parents are under investigation. The decision to give birth at home could land parents in jail. In this major Sunday Night report, PJ Madam meets a number of mothers whose choices resulted in tragedy, and the notorious midwife who has been present at five homebirths that have ended in death. The controversy over homebirths has made headlines around the world, but only now will you see inside the distraught Australian homes, and hear the heartbreaking triple-0 calls. Find out why, despite the dangers and coronial inquiries, so many passionate Australian women still believe it’s their right to have a homebirth over a hospital delivery. It’s a story that will divide the country – does the right of the mother to choose come before the right of the baby to enter the world in a hospital where they have the best chance of survival?

Crazy Bike Race
Once a year, Chilean port city Valparaiso hosts the world’s most dangerous, exciting and mind-blowing bike race – a bone-rattling 2km downhill ride from the hilltop to the sea. This year, Sunday Night takes an Aussie to compete for the very first time. What he finds, and what our cameras capture, will leave you shaking your head in disbelief, and shaking with fear.

The Mrs. Carter Show
She’s the singing superstar dazzling the world with her sell out concerts. Now she’s heading to Australia, and giving Sunday Night viewers an exclusive sneak peek backstage. It’s said to be the most explosive and high energy concerts she’s ever performed; find out what she has in store for her Australian fans. And watch on Sunday for your chance to win a money-can’t-buy opportunity, up close and personal with Beyoncé.

6:30pm Sunday, July 14 on Channel Seven.

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