The Living Room August 9

This Week on the living room things could get interesting.


Miguel meets up with top chef Alla Wolf-Tasker in the stunning countryside of Daylesford Victoria, for a mushroom forage. Executive Chef of two-hatted restaurant, The Lake House, Alla is a third generation mushroom forager.  Together they collect a bounty from the forest and then return to the Lake House to make a medley of magical mushroom treats. Alla’s stuffed mushrooms are simple and delicious. And Miguel’s garlic mushrooms on toast will become a weekend breakfast favourite.



Barry is on the prowl once again at Bunnings, looking for a couple in need of his expert advice.  There, he meets Tash and Craig who are trying to update their 1980’s home. Barry brings in his sidekick Dylan to lend a hand and they show the couple how it’s done. Then, before leaving the couple to their own devices to complete the work, Barry offers them two lifelines, they can ‘Dial a Dylan’ if they get stuck or ‘Bring Barry Back’ if they come totally unglued.



Amanda loves kooky collectables. So much so, that she’s now knocking on the doors of Australia’s collectors to take a look at their weird and wonderful stuff.  This week, it’s the home of board game collector and comedian Tommy Dean. Together they tackle the tactics of Tommy’s favourite board game ‘Blood Bowl’ and match wits with the marbles meets shuffleboard game of Crokinole.



A special guest in the studio this week is Australia’s most elite animal trainer, Steve Austin and his trained detection dog, Bolt. English Springer Spaniel, Bolt, is trained to sniff out suspect substances and Chris Brown has hidden a secret stash in the studio. Can Bolt locate the goods? And which member of the TLR team is his target?

7:30 PM Friday on Ten

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