The Living Room April 6

This week The Living Room has dragons and tuna.

Dr Chris has had plenty of experience dealing with unruly animals large and small, but he may have meet his match on the Indonesian island of Komodo, where dragons still rule. While they may not breathe fire, Komodo dragons can be just as dangerous for the locals, who Chris meets to learn what it is like living day to day with the three-metre monsters.


Barry catches up with a young mum to provide a simple DIY solution for her daughter’s bedroom, which looks straight into the neighbour’s house, while design guru James Treble presents some very handy tips to transform a chaotic linen cupboard into a thing of organised beauty.

Finally, armed only with a can of tuna, Miguel comes to the rescue of mum Tamara, whose son’s love of surfing is matched only by his dislike of the tinned fish. Can Miguel change his mind?

 7:30pm Friday on Ten