Jarrod, Ali And Megan Arrive In Paradise.

New arrivals rocked the boat on the third episode of Bachelor in Paradise.

After the recent dramatic rose ceremony, Florence was still feeling the repercussions of choosing Jake over Davey and hoped there would be new love interests arriving soon.


Keira made the controversial decision to take Michael on a single date, instead of her companion Sam.  As they rode horses into the sunset, Keira was hoping for fireworks but Michael had his heart set on Tara.  With their respective interests away for the day, Tara and Sam joked that they were each other’s rebounds, but the chemistry between them was undeniable, sparking a new potential romance.

Back in paradise, the bachelors and bachelorettes were sitting by the pool when Jarrod from The Bachelorette Australia last year arrived, bringing with him a date card.

While Jarrod was getting to know everyone, Ali from Tim Robard’s season of The Bachelor Australia walked in. Blonde, beautiful and bubbly, Ali was a pleasant surprise, particularly to Jarrod and Jake.

The next surprise arrival was Megan from Richie Strahan’s season of The Bachelor Australia. Before she met the rest of the group, Megan had the opportunity to choose someone to go on a blind date with, based on their personality type.

Megan picked Jake and the duo enjoyed an intimate, romantic dinner for two. This ended in a passionate kiss before Megan walked in to meet the rest of the men and women in paradise, who were eagerly waiting to find out with whom Jake was on a date.

Returning from their date, Michael attempted to revive his relationship with a hesitant Tara and Keira was ecstatic to learn Jarrod had arrived.  Quickly forgetting about Michael, Keira turned on her charm, but Jarrod wanted to keep his options open.

Tomorrow night will see Florence lose all trust in Jake and Jarrod choose Ali for a single date, leaving Keira distraught.