The Lie Exposed on The Real Love Boat

The Lie Exposed on The Real Love Boat

Following a night of tears, the hopeful singles were ready for another day on the Mediterranean. Tonight, The Real Love Boat docked in Marseilles, France.

After being handpicked by the Cupids, three couples headed to the shore for their Destination Dates. Katie and Chris, Chelsea and Dalton and Jay and Sally were all living their best lives in front of picturesque and romantic backdrops. The three pairs hit it off. Sally and Jay were smitten, Chelsea and Dalton got closer via tarot cards, and Katie and Chris had a little French Kiss.

Back on the ship, Moana, Tyler and Sari were all battling for Paddy’s attention. Bad waters were brewing after Dalton told Moana that Paddy was not interested in her anymore. But Dalton was fancying Chelsea anyway, which created a bit of a love… square?

Once everyone returned from their dates on land, it was time for some debriefs with the girls and guys, where Josh dropped the bomb that he may choose Chelsea at the Cast Off Ceremony. So now a love, pentagon?

The love shapes were then on thin ice during the Cocktail Party as the potential lie that Dalton told Moana about Paddy comes to light. The three singles had a confrontation, leaving Paddy pretty frustrated.

We then saw the first Cast Off Ceremony elimination on the ship, and it was not without its drama. Sari revealed she was not able to focus on herself as she had been spending time making sure Moana was okay. This shocked Moana, but it was then time for the guys’ to choose their partners.

Jay continued his partnership with Sally, Daniel chose Naomi, Chris wanted to get to know Katie better, Paddy wanted to explore a connection with Tyler, and Chelsea was blindsided by Josh choosing her. With the final decision left to Dalton where he had to choose between Moana and Sari, he ultimately picked Moana, sending Sari home.  


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