Domain Listings challenge takes place on The Block

Our contestants are getting set for the Domain Listings challenge where 100 buyers will converge on The Block to check out all the houses.

All the couples are getting organised but one couple are really struggling – Ankur and Sharon in House No.3. They have pulled an all-nighter to get ready for the challenge. Sharon is telling anyone that listens that they have the biggest house on The Block, by 14 square metres.

As well as the challenge, our contestants are renovating a guest bedroom and a re-do room. Omar and Oz in House 5 are transforming their master bedroom, which was first slammed by the judges weeks ago.

The Domain Listings challenge begins and there are some high profile buyers, including the most famous Block buyer in the history of the show, Danny Wallis.

Danny will have an important part in today’s challenge, he will award a gnome to the house he likes the best.

The other winner of the challenge will be the couple who receives the most votes from the 100 buyers. That couple will take home $10,000.

Our couples are all so proud to show off their amazing homes to the buyers after weeks of hard work.

The results of the challenge are in. Rachel and Ryan with 27 votes win the Buyer’s Choice part of the challenge, and Danny gives the gnome to Tom and Sarah-Jane.

Both of the winning couples are delighted.


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