The Joker leaves the pack

The Joker leaves the pack

After playing the most chaotic and nimble Australian Survivor: Blood V Water game, tonight it was tragically time up for the beloved Joker.


On Day 43, the alliances were evenly split. Mark, Chrissy and Josh were working closely together to hatch their next move, and the misfit alliance of Jordie, Shay and KJ were sticking fat.

Mark still had the stolen idol in his possession, which he had fondly named ‘The Ghost of Jesse’. 

Once again, puzzle prince Josh was in fine form at today’s Individual Immunity challenge, winning yet again with the help of Chrissy, who forfeited her own attempt at the win to help her strongest ally in the game.

Josh held the power back at camp, as he tossed up whether to side with Mark or Jordie. Mark was determined to stop Jordie at all costs, as he attempted to flip KJ over to the dark side. 

Being reliable was the theme of tonight’s Tribal Council, as Jordie argued that tonight’s vote should be about waking up with people you can rely on, instead of playing with people who are threatening. 

Josh rebutted that Jordie isn’t always reliable, and there is a lot on the line at this stage of the game, making tonight’s vote a hard one to decide on.

A lot of plans were thrown around at Tribal Council, leaving Mark unsure of Josh and Chrissy’s loyalty, which led him to finally play his infamous idol to knock Jordie out of the game for good.

Jordie left the game with grace and with the justice of the truth finally coming out about Mark’s stolen idol. Plus don’t forget, he’s going home to a brand new car.

Jordie shared: “I am feeling gutted right now. They finally got The Joker, and finally Mark’s second idol was exposed. I gave it everything. I worked really hard to keep coming back, time are time, vote after vote. I’m proud of myself.”

The Top 5 enter Finals Week this Sunday, as every calculated move will determine who will be crowned the Sole Survivor of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.


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