The Interiors of The Block are Completed

The Interiors of The Block are Completed

Everyone at The Block is a bit dusty today after a big night at Scotty’s house following on from the Domain Listings Challenge.

Danny Wallis stayed the night at Scotty’s house and our Blockheads cook him breakfast and do what they can to impress the biggest buyer in Block history.

Rachel and Ryan aren’t happy with Sharon after she disses their plans for a vineyard for House No.2 in front of Danny.

Omar and Oz have a chat with their builder and offer some trips to Bali in return for payment as everyone struggles with budget towards the end of the build. 

Our contestants are working on their redo rooms and guest bedrooms the Saturday before reveal. Omar and Oz are re-doing five of their rooms, not just the required one.

It’s judging time at Scotty’s HQ in what has been another huge week on The Block.

Tom and Sarah-Jane spent $12,589:  Neale believes Tom and Sarah-Jane have the most consistent house on The Block. The fabrics and wallpaper all work in their guest bedroom. Their re-do room was their living and dining room and they have done a great job. It feels like home. Sarah-Jane’s styling is just right.


Rachel and Ryan spent $11,675: Very inviting guest bedroom. The only issue the judges had was with the shelves – the wrong choice. Rachel and Ryan’s re-do room was their first bedroom. They have changed the colour of the green wall and changed the furniture. The judges are impressed. They believe Rachel and Ryan have created a special house that will appeal to a lot of buyers.

Score 28/30

Ankur and Sharon spent $12,187: The judges didn’t like their guest bedroom. The colours and the styling are all over the shop. Way of the mark according to Neale. Their living room re-do room was much better – they made good use of the space.


Dylan and Jenny spent $19,062: They loved the guest bedroom, it could be for a tween or a young adult. Dylan and Jenny’s re-do room was a complete change to contemporary and the judges thought they did a great job.

Score 27.5.30

Omar and Oz spent $27,426: The judges thought the Japanese Ski Lodge feel to Omar and Oz’s guest bedroom really worked.  The re-do room, the master bedroom was an improvement. The judges loved the new king size bed. The only issue was the functionality of the wardrobes. A good job this week for the boys, but not amazing.

Score 25/30 

The results are in and it is a tie between Rachel and Ryan and Tom and Sarah-Jane. Both teams are delighted.


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