On Your Masks, Get Set, Go The Traitors Has Begun

On Your Masks, Get Set, Go The Traitors Has Begun

The games have begun, after twenty-four deviously competitive contestants arrived at the manor. It is here where they will either live to win up to $250,000, be banished or even worse, murdered.

Welcomed by the man of the manor, Rodger Corser, the contestants were faced with The Banishment Room for the very first time. With a murder scheduled tonight, Rodger confidentially chose four of The Faithful to be the Traitors – Nigel, Claire, Marielle and Angus. 

In the Traitors Tower, the newly appointed Traitors met to discuss who would be their first victim, ultimately deciding to murder Vet Nurse, Millie.

Over some bacon and eggs the next morning, the household discovered Millie was toast.

In the dead of night, it was time for the first challenge where contestants compete together to win silver bars that add up to a quarter of a million dollars.  Dressed like the Beastie Boys, they managed to dig up all six bars up for grabs.

After a long day of speculation and manipulation, everyone gathered in the Banishment Room with the aim to vote out a Traitor. Olivia and Jack went head-to-head about who has been lying, but in the end, the majority of votes went to Jack. Before he was banished from the game for good, Jack revealed he was in fact a Faithful, shocking everyone. 


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