The Hubbies Are Heading Home

The Hubbies Are Heading Home

After the end of three continuous Mexican legs, our teams returned to Australia to race across the city of lights, starting the home stretch in Perth.

The Racers kicked off the leg feeling the need, the need for speed, with one team member heading into the clouds for a joyride with the Royal Aero Club. Once up there, the pilot took them on a topsy turvy ride while listing off a series of facts. After the flight, teams were tested on their knowledge in order to receive the next clue. Although the flight left Toni a bit lighter than when she started, she was able to answer all the questions successfully, and Toni and Heath were able to move onto the next challenge first. While Angel found fun in the flight, Kelly was petrified, but both were able to correctly answer the questions and move on with the other teams.

The Aussie leg continued with teams locating and climbing the Swan Tower to ring two bells, in sync, four times. This may not sound too tricky, but pulling just one bell out of whack would force a team to start all over again. Heath and Toni smashed this challenge out of the park and rang the bells in unison after only a few attempts. Tiffany and Cynthia were able to align their bells before more teams could start the challenge. Kelly and Georgia and Angel and Frankie were the last two teams to battle it out. Tempers got hot and stress levels were high, but in the end, Kelly and Georgia kept their cool long enough to get the head start ahead of the orange racers.

For the next challenge, teams suited up and stepped into the world of virtual reality, taking on intergalactic aliens while trying not to crash into each other in the real world. Heath and Toni were first to go into battle, shortly followed by the other teams. Angel and Frankie were able to defeat the aliens, taking the advantage over Kelly and Georgia who struggled not to fall over each other. They eventually managed to defeat the game and got out in last position for the next challenge.

But one sky-high challenge was not enough for this leg of The Amazing Race Australia, with teams heading to Optus Stadium to take part in the Vertigo experience. While hanging upside down in the air, overlooking the stadium and the city surrounding it, they were shown the six seasons of the Noongar calendar, which they needed to memorise and recite once back standing. Heath and Toni nailed the task, maintaining their lead over Tiffany and Cynthia who weren’t far behind them. Pako and Mori arrived in a good position, but unfortunately Mori’s fear of heights left him terrified and unable to take on the challenge. While Pako was trying to talk him around, the remaining teams arrived and overtook them in The Race. The Hubbies decided to take the penalty, in the hope the final teams would struggle long enough to keep them safe.

However, with the ultimate prize on the line, the teams were racing their heart out to reach Beau at the Pit Stop at the beautifully lit up, Perth Mint. Heath and Toni secured another win, ahead of Tiffany and Cynthia, and Kelly and Georgia. When Pako and Mori arrived at the mat, they were told they had to face a 15-minute penalty, and had to wait to be checked in.

With seconds to spare, Angel and Frankie arrived to claim fourth position, meaning the flamboyant, lovable hubbies, Pako and Mori, were eliminated from The Race.


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