Hellway week comes to a close

Hellway week comes to a close

With 24 hours to go to the hallway, laundry, powder room and mud room reveals, Hell Week is nearing an end.

There is more drama in House No.3 as Keith and Dan visit and spot a hole in the hallway which needs plastering. Ankur and Sharon’s builder Liam is on holidays and their chippie Scott doesn’t work on Saturdays, and they are not happy. They get a local plasterer to do the job.

Oz has a huge argument with Foreman Dan, a culmination of lots of tension between him and Omar all week.  Dan says Omar and Oz are hiding mistakes with their build, and Oz isn’t happy. The boys’ mud room won’t be finished, it’s just impossible. They have tried so hard to finish but it just won’t happen.

The mud is causing so much havoc and taking hours for our contestants to clean up.

Scotty calls tools down and everyone presents their rooms, not one couple has finished.

Tom and Sarah-Jane: The judges loved how their hallway brought the new and old house together. The detail was magnificent. They loved all the artwork choices. Tom and Sarah-Jane have a great understanding of how to work with space.  The laundry was a hit, in particular the tile choice. Neale marvelled at Tom and Sarah-Jane’s consistency.

Score 26.5/30

Rachel and Ryan:  WOW. They loved the entrance. They did notice though it wasn’t finished and acknowledged how tough things were. Walking down the hallway they loved the breezeway, it has a spectacular impact. Neale thinks House No.2 is turning into one of the best houses on The Block.

Score 25/30

Ankur and Sharon: A very theatrical and dramatic effort by Ankur and Sharon. Sadly though Shaynna hated it. She said the hallway looked like a cheap film set.  Neale didn’t mind the campness gothic nature of the hallway, but Shaynna was having none of it. Thankfully the laundry and powder room made up for it, they loved that.

Score 23/30

Dylan and Jenny: The judges thought the huge 40 metre hallway was grand, traditional but not dated.  Shaynna said you could play cricket on the hallway, that’s just how long it is.  All the rooms were elegant and sophisticated.  If they had of completely finished the hallway they would have got all tens.

Score 27/30

Omar and Oz: A great effort but what really let the boys down was their mudroom that wasn’t finished. Shaynna noted the venetian plastering, she’s not sure how Omar and Oz are affording everything.

Score 20.5/30

Scotty announces the winner, and Dylan and Jenny celebrate. They have worked so hard and they finally have a win.


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