The Great Australian Bake-Off Season One – Bread Week Beckons

The Great Australian Bake-Off Season One – Bread Week Beckons

Six contestants remain in the fight for baking glory, but who will be able to bake the best loaf? We’ll find out tonight!

First up today is the obvious signature bake. Apparently they should be afraid this week as Dan Lepard is the king of bread! For this challenge, they have to create their own loaf without a tin in two and a half hours.

Julie already has problems activating her yeast. Brendan is also having troubles. On her second attempt, Julie’s yeast is still killed. When Brendan finishes activating his yeast, he finds out his mix is too wet.

When the dough begins proving, the contestants begin to work on the unique flavour. Brendan is using rhubarb and apple. The judges aren’t confident for him. Jonathan is doing a poppy seed loaf. Julie starts on what looks like a pumpkin mix. Julie is still having trouble making her dough though! She even blows a mixer while trying to mix the dough.

Maria is doing a spinach and feta braid. Dan thinks it isn’t original but is happy to hear Maria grew up with it.

When the dough goes in the oven, Monique is worried as it didn’t have enough time to prove. Maria is also worried her dough won’t rise.

Time is soon up and the loaves are presented for judging. Maria is up first and she gets points for softness and presentation. Kerry calls it a home run. Dan is equally impressed.

Jonathan’s poppy seed bread is next. Dan likes the moistness of the crumb but wanted it sweeter and spicier. Kerry DOESN’T think it is a ‘wham, bam, thank you ma’am’ bake. Interesting choice of words…

Monique has presented a spiced fruit cider bread. The sound of the cutting is good. The amount of fruit impresses Dan and he would love to taste it on a cold winter morning. Kerry says half of Australia would buy the loaf. Monique jokes it is $7 a pop!

Julie has created a Pumpkin Pull-Apart loaf. Kerry thinks the pumpkin is out of control and thinks it is messy. Dan thinks it has a slight doughyness to it. Kerry likes the kick of the pumpkin. She also questions whether it is a loaf.

Nancy presents her Dukkah & Macadamia Plaited loaf. The presentation is great and the ‘bottom’ is great. The bread is tender and Dan loves the aroma. He calls it gorgeous. Kerry calls it nicely braided. The judges hail her.

Brendan’s Rhubarb loaf is last. Dan likes the colour but not the flatness. Kerry thinks the apple needs to be cooked more but Dan thinks it’s more like cake. Nancy and Monique test to see if it is a cake or bread by feeding it to the ducks, haha.

Maria, Nancy & Monique are on top whereas Jonathan and Julie are on the bottom.

To the technical bake now and they all have to bake a coffee scroll with cinnamon and sultanas.

Julie is already annoyed as the yeast that needs to be used is not the type she uses at home. For the first time in this competition, it seems the lack of recipe is either concerning the contestants or opening up their creative side.

Without pans, Maria devises an alfoil wall for her oven tray. Jonathan copies her to Maria’s chagrin.

In the end, everyone finishes on time and it’s time for the blind tasting.

First up is Monique. The icing is a bit too pale but the aromas and flavours are great. The shape is irregular, according to Kerry, who also calls them dense and flat. Maria’s are thicker and better-looking. It helps Dan remember his childhood coffee scrolls.

Jonathan’s is quite fluffy but light on spice and coffee. Nancy’s shapes are a bit squashed. The crumb is good, as is the flavour. Julie is next. Kerry notes the lack of uniformity and Dan calls them dry.

Brendan’s are falling apart but the lightness is good.

In order of worst to best, we have… Monique, Brendan, Julie, Nancy, Maria and Jonathan. Those alfoil walls must have worked.

It’s time for the showstopper! They have to fill a breadbasket with twelve of two different types of bread rolls. Brendan is doing pumpkin & gorgonzola and pecan buns. Julie is doing pecan & cinnamon and carrot & Cumin rolls.

Nancy is doing Mexican coffee buns and porcini, truffle & Rosemary Dinner rolls. Monique is doing Coconut Iced sweet buns and cheesymite scrolls. Jonathan is doing sausage & sauerkraut rolls and whisky & chocolate rolls.

Maria is doing orange & walnut rosettes and mini pesto parmesan spiral loaves.

On top of all this, contestants have to create their own breadbaskets. That’s three loaves to cook!

Maria over bakes her bread basket. Not good!

Time is soon up and the final judging of the day occurs. Only five can make it through.

Maria is first up and her ‘relic’ of a breadbasket still wows. Her rolls are brilliant and Dan calls them magical.

Jonathan is next. The basket is too burnt. Dan calls the sausage rich and hearty. He doesn’t like the brioche. The whisky & white chocolate rolls are a massive hit.

Nancy is next. Her basket has wow-factor and it really does look amazing. It’s the best so far. Won’t be beaten with ease! The rolls are moist. Dan likes the butteriness of the rolls.

Monique is fourth. Kerry picks up on some of the errors of the basket. Dan isn’t a fan of the overall look of the veggie scrolls- and Kerry doesn’t like the taste. Monique thinks they’ve just been away too long.

Julie is next. Kerry likes the outside of the basket, but not the inside. Her dough is doughy and she doesn’t display originality. She is slammed. Don’t expect Julie back.

Brendan is last to be judged. The basket isn’t cooked well at all. The shape of his rolls are out and the chunks of stuff he’s put in it are not a hit. Dan rips into him. Maybe Julie will be safe as Dan says it belongs in the world’s worst bakery.

OK. Time to find out the star baker and the person going home.

The star baker is… Nancy!

The person going home is… Julie.


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