Big Brother Holds First Nominations

The BIG BROTHER Housemates have cast their votes in the first live Nomination show for 2013, and six of this year’s seventeen Housemates are now fighting for their place in the BIG BROTHER House.

BIG BROTHER asked the Housemates to vote clearly, concisely, with strategy and rivalry, and above all else, wisely. The Housemates were then sent to the nomination room where, in the sound-proof chamber, he summoned the Housemates one-by-one to cast their votes.

Facing possible eviction next week, the nominated Housemates are already Half Way Out! A massive game-changer in this year’s series is that everyone nominated will have to move to the Half-Way House, raising the stakes as they will vie to secure their place in the Safe House.

As part of Matthew’s reward for winning Showdown, Big Brother granted him the Nominations Superpower, allowing him to double the points from someone’s nomination. Matthew chose his best friend in the House, Caleb, but this decision must remain confidential from any others.

After failing their marriage task set by BIG BROTHER , both Drew and Jade were automatically nominated this week meaning the four highest tallying Housemates will have their necks on the line.

As a result of the Housemates nominations tonight, Drew, Jade, Mikkayla, Sharon, Jasmin and Tim are moving to the Half-Way House. What they don’t know, is that on Thursday night, one nominee will be saved, and a member of the safe house will take their place. Due to this, no voting lines will open until during the show on Thursday night. Stay tuned for further details as this unfolds…

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