The Golden God Settles His Final Score.

The Golden God Settles His Final Score.

Dirty Harry was the latest victim of the Mokuta alliance striking yet again and unfortunately for Harry, not even a bunch of bananas could save him.

At the newly formed KaloKalo camp, David was struck down with a severe case of the man flu, coupled with an awkwardly placed spider bite on his left butt cheek. But the Golden God hasn’t come this far to be taken out by an arachnid.

Meanwhile, the Mokuta seven of Sharn, Moana, David, Lee, Zach, Tarzan and Jacqui were loving themselves sick having pulled off the flawless blindside of Locky at last night’s tribal council.

Next on David’s hit list was Harry. Harry was involved in David’s brutal blindside from Season 4 and so as far as David is concerned, Harry is out.

Realising they were deceived too by David, Harry set out to try and convince Lee and Zach to flip on Mokuta and join the Vakama alliance of himself, Brooke, AK and Shonee in voting Jacqui out of the game. For Zach, it was certainly something to consider. Especially with Harry slipping him a cheeky banana to sweeten the deal. Who wouldn’t be tempted?

As they arrived at the immunity challenge, it was a case of déjà vu for Harry. The challenge that lay in front of them mirrored the final challenge of Season 4, where Harry, Baden and Pia set an Australian Survivor record, lasting six hours and forty minutes. An extremely tough time to beat.

The tribe had to stand on narrow pedestals while holding onto two ropes attached to heavy sandbags. At regular intervals, they had to move to smaller pedestals making it increasingly difficult. The last one standing would win themselves individual immunity.

As the sun started to set on the gruelling challenge, Harry, Brooke and Lee were the last ones left battling it out. After more than an hour and fifty minutes, Brooke took out the win, keeping herself safe from the vote.

With no time to return to camp and strategise their votes, it was a mad scramble in the dark to firm up their plans on their way to tribal council.

Giving it everything they had, Harry, Brooke, Shonee and AK made one last attempt to convince Lee and Zach to vote with them and get Jacqui out of the game. And when Lee stated that he would need to run the plan past David, Harry coyly asked: “Is he your boss or something?”

At tribal council, joined by the first member of the Jury, Locky, the Mokuta alliance said there was a simple plan for the vote.

Harry gave his best pitch to try and save himself and his fellow Vakama alliance but unfortunately for Harry, the votes didn’t fall in his favour and he was the 14th person voted out of Australian Survivor: All Stars, and the second member of the Jury.