Dancing With The Stars March 8

Dancing With The Stars March 8

The remaining seven studious stars are under the pump getting their show and tell ready for Back To School week this Sunday on 10’s Dancing With The Stars.

Last week it was comeback king Ed Kavalee who soared to the top of the leader board with two palpable Paso Doble performances that blew the socks off our judges (50), closely followed by fellow matador Christian Wilkins and Claudia Karvan with the best rumba we’ve seen so far (47). While Chloe Lattanzi struggled through injury during her tango, she revived herself in the spotlight for her winning Team Paso (46). Then we were witness to Celia Pacquola’s sensual rumba (44) while Dami Im and Travis Cloke have a bit of work ahead of them to gain top marks this week (40).

This Sunday we are going Back To School so it’s time to grab the glowsticks and ask your mates what they are wearing because we’re returning to the era of Blue Light discos. Our seven stars better tell mum not to wait up because they’ve got some moves to showcase to their former school crushes!  


Are you shocked to learn cool girl Celia Pacquola was bullied on the school bus by the Mean Girls? Us too! Don’t worry, Celia will have the last laugh this week as she puts her years of dancefloor podium practice to use with a salsa that will hopefully allow her to taste sweet revenge.


Unlucky in love Ed Kavalee got stood up at his Year 10 formal and then again at his Year 12 formal – we have a sneaking suspicion the girls were more afraid of his acid-tongue than his daggy dance moves! While Ed Kavalee’s comedic timing is always on point, will he be able to ride the high and maintain his top of the class status for his first crack at the cha cha?


Class act Claudia Karvan will show us her edgier side as she channels her inner rebel through her tasty tango. Our part-time punk will need to lean into her part-time conscientious student side to ensure she studies hard to pull off the attitude required to step it up this week.


Didn’t think you could possibly love Travis Cloke any more? Well guess what – this week our giant softie will head back to his school to say a warm hello to the students that he mentors. Stop it, Trav! Our former Arts Captain will need to dig deep this week to breathe creativity and control into his quickstep.


Angelic Dami Im would spend her school years making music videos but now it is time to focus as Dami will have a second crack at the waltz this Sunday. To remain in the competition, Dami must keep those shoulders down to ensure she nails the refinement and technicality required of the waltz.


Barbie girl Chloe will relive her Malibu High days as a good girl who wanted to be bad with her saucy cha cha while our delightfully willing student Christian Wilkins will express his teenage dreams with a goose bump inducing contemporary dance.


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Dancing With The Stars Sunday At 7.30pm on 10