The End Review

The End Review
Credit Mark Taylor/Foxtel

Next week Foxtel unveils the hotly anticipated Australian drama The End.

The End begins with Edie Henley (Dame Harriet Walter, Succession) trying to end her life, and her daughter Kate (Frances O’Connor Cleverman), whose life is less than perfect. Kate comes to the realisation that she’s going to have to ship her mother out to Australia from the UK so she can keep an eye on her. Edie’s under the impression she will be living with Kate and her two kids, Oberon (Morgan Davies, Devil’s Playground) and Persephone (Ingrid Torelli Five Bedrooms), but she’s horrified to find out she’ll be living at the luxury retirement home nearby that Kate has chosen.

Kate is also having a rough day on the work from in the Palliative Care unit. Her favourite patient Beth (Brooke Satchwell, Mr Inbetween), who suffers from moto neuron disease, with her husband Josh (Luke Arnold, Black Sails), asking for assistance to end Beth’s life. On the homefront, it’s been two years since fifteen-year-old Oberon began identifying as a boy, and is now well enmeshed on his trans journey, while his ten-year-old sister Persephone is a strong-willed individual who fights for what she believes to be right. And then there’s Kate’s absent husband Christopher (Brendan Cowell, Game Of Thrones)…

What pushed the recently widowed Edie to want to end her life? And will she change her mind when she meets some of the new neighbours, which includes Ant (Roy Billing Jack Irish) and the delightfully refreshing Pamela (Noni Hazlehurst (A Place to Call Home ).

Kate and Edie are on opposing sides of the euthanasia debate, as seen in the double episode provided for this review, so it’s going to be interesting to see where they end up, along with Oberon. All three are struggling with their own issues, which are going to be explored throughout the season.

Writer Samantha Strauss (Dance Academy) certainly delivers a script that hooks with a bunch of interesting characters, who are all compelling and engaging from the outset. At times it’s emotionally challenging, but this is balanced quite nicely with some dark humour.

The cast is literally bursting with talent, and witch such a complex narrative it’s great to see so many big names attached.

The End is one of the boldest drama series ever seen as it tackled some complex issues like suicide, euthanasia, and life in general. If the premiere is anything to go by, it’s bound to be a rewarding journey.

This is one series you need to see and there’s no question that it’ll be one of the best dramas of the year.


5 Stars

The End premieres with a double episode on Tuesday 2 February at 8:30pm on FOX Showcase, with new episodes weekly. If you can’t wait for the drama, all ten episodes will be  On Demand from launch.