Australia Day In Erinsborough

Australia Day In Erinsborough

Tonight, Neighbours spends Australia Day looking at a very topical issue.

In the episode, Terese (Rebekah Elmaloglou) withdraws Lassiter’s from being involved with Australia Day celebrations, and she’s pretty happy with the decision to show her support for changing the date of Australia Day However, problems arise when a former statement she made a few years ago shows she was less supportive of the change.

Tim Colins, (Ben Anderson)   true to form, exposes Terese’s hypocrisy when he unearths the statement, leaving Terese is damage control.

Meeting with Erinsborough Councilor Jacinta Hay (Maurial Sperim), who offers her own opinions on the diverse issues that surround the day, Terese realises she must apologise for her former stance.

In recent years the show has shown Australia Day in Erinsborough, but this year marks the first time Neighbours is openly showing full support for the Change The Date movement.

Paul Gartside pens an informative episode that reflects the increasing annual conversation surrounding Australia Day. It’s just another topic in a long list that the show has been tackling in recent years and its fantastic to see.


Neighbours airs 6:30pm weeknights on 10Peach.