The Clearing Review

The Clearing Review

Today, Disney+ unveils its very first Aussie drama in the form of The Clearing.

When The Clearing beings, eight-year-old Sara (Lily La Toree) meets a girl named Amy (Julia Savage) on the side of the road. Things very quickly turn dark when she’s kidnapped and becomes a member of ‘The Kindred’, run by mother-figure Adrienne (Miranda Otto). The group is essentially a cult and Amy become’s Sarah’s guide as she becomes Asha.

Sara’s arrival brings the police to the doorstep of The Kindred, offering a look at their methods.

Meanwhile, one of the other key stories focuses on Freya (Teresa Palmer), a distressed mother who fears for the safety of her son Billy (Flynn Woodin). Freya is paranoid and lives out in the woods in a cabin, and without giving away anything too spoilery, the two arcs connect in the most surprising way, only adding to the overall mystery and intrigue of the series.

Miranda Otto’s portrayal of Adrienne, who flicks from loving and caring to terrifying as she hands out punishments, is compelling, as is Guy Pearce who plays Dr Bryce Latham. Teresa Palmer is also exceptionally good.

Elise McCredie and Matt Cameron, along with co-writer Osamah Sami, have adapted JP Promere’s In The Clearing, keeping the thrilling tension moving throughout the two episodes offered for review.

It’s not an easy watch but The Clearing is the perfect winter thrill ride.

4 Stars

The Clearing premieres with a double episode today, May 24, on Disney+ with new episodes weekly.


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