The Celebrity Apprentice Season Three – Finale

Four remain- John, Jeff, Stephanie and Roxy. Who will win?

We’re reminded of the last challenge when the contestants had to renovate the Don Bosco house for charity. They return to the house for the final challenge. They will have to call upon the people that inspire them and ask them to write their pledges on a wall. It’s something that will last forever.

Roxy & John will be Team Fabulous while Stephanie and Jeff are Team Supreme. Luckily, Patti Newton and Max Markson are back to help Team Supreme while Warwick Capper and Nathan Jollife are there for Team Fabulous. Or is that lucky?

They begin their deliberation on what they can put on their wall. Stephanie wants to tap into Christmas. Team Fabulous want to put items on the wall, but John doesn’t want to put materialistic things on the wall. Roxy & John clash over design ideas. It’s in contrast to the other team where Jeff and Stephanie are tearing up over each other.

Materials begin arriving for the walls. On Roxy’s team, John is unimpressed that Roxy has focussed on buying materialistic items after all. One of the residents at the home has a keen interest in sport. So, John hooks him up on a skype chat…with Usain Bolt!

Roxy also wants to help a resident get into a career in photography. Back at the house, John leaves a footprint in some concrete to inspire the kids. Nice, but a bit up himself? I didn’t even know who he was before this series! While he does this, their wall doesn’t even get touched. Roxy returns and sees the blank wall and she’s not impressed. All John wants to contribute to the wall is his hand prints. This is in comparison to the ample stuff Roxy has got for the wall. Seems John just wants to leave body prints of himself all over the building. In the end, Roxy likes the idea.

Pledges for things to put on the wall come thick and fast for Team Supreme. Steph is very impressed with Max’s work ethic today. Wow, it only took three seasons to pull him in line! A lot of product placement in all this though. Meanwhile, Jeff brings another resident to meet one of Jeff’s boxing inspirations.

Despite all these field trips, the teams manage to finish their walls. The contestants then leave their ‘lasting legacies’ with the tenants and staff and reveal their walls at a launch before heading to the boardroom.

Roxy loved working with John, but says he was confusing to begin with. This confuses Mark! He questions how well they worked together as a team. Meanwhile, the feelings very humble over on Team Jeff & Steph.

From now on however, Mark treats them as individuals. Jeff says he shouldn’t be fired because he and Steph did the task from the heart. John says he shouldn’t be fired as he has become wise. Roxy believes she has been Mark’s ‘one constant’. Stephanie feels she has grown in this competition.

Mark believes the young ones should go through, so Jeff Fenech is fired. Jeff Fenech comes fourth!

To the final three, Stephanie believe she can emotionally connect better with people than Roxy. Roxy thinks Stephanie has formed cliques and she hasn’t. This sparks a bit of controversy in an otherwise dull boardroom. John seems to avoid the question and is asked which woman he would like to see win. He says Roxy as she delivered in the challenge.

In the end, the contestant that comes third is… Roxy…simply because she isn’t a celebrity. Well, valid when considering the title of this show, but why was she invited on the program in the first place?!

It’s now time to crown a winner. To get rid of the mumbo jumbo, let’s just head into it. The winner of Celebrity Apprentice 2013 is… Stephanie Rice! She gives $10,000 to the charities of all the other contestants.

And there we have it! Well done to Stephanie and the rest of the gang. I wonder if this show will return. I hear an All-Stars may be on the cards. Until then, I suppose…