Asher Keddie and Rodger Corsor to play Party Tricks

Asher Keddie and Rodger Corsor to play Party Tricks

Asher Keddie and Rodgor Corsor have been announced as leads for a new  Channel 10 show  called Party Tricks.

The six part series will be produced by John Edwards and Imogen Banks  (Offspring),.

Party Tricks chronicles Kate Ballard’s (Asher Keddie)  campaign to become the next State Premier. A committed and rigorous politician, Kate’s victory seems assured until a shock new opposition leader, popular television and radio personality David McLeod(Corsor), is selected

As the drama unfolds, it is revealed that several years ago Kate and David had a secret, tumultuous affair. To the world at large, David and Kate offer a compelling battle of style versus substance, but a paranoid Kate fears that their complicated romantic history is a trump card waiting to be played.  Played out on a grand scale, Party Tricks becomes a cat-and-mouse game which culminates in an election night finale.

Network Ten Executive Producer, Drama, Rick Maier, said: “Party Tricks is a compelling star vehicle for two of our very best actors, written and developed by the best production team in the business. If you like smart, funny, romantic drama, this is the show for you.”

Producer Imogen Banks said: “Politics, power and sex – what better elements for a big, juicy story? I cannot wait to make it.”

The show is being created by Michael Lucas (Not Sutiable for Children) and will air in 2014


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