The Celebrities Celebrate A Camp United.

The Celebrities Celebrate A Camp United.

Tonight, the camp was finally united as the Hungry Games came to an end.

After Dipper partly succeeded in completing his secret in camp morning mission to score spices, Chris and Julia broke the news to the celebrities that they would all be heading into the trial.


For the first time in history, everyone was excited to be doing a group activity and conga lined out of camp to be greeted by the amazing news that the Hungry Games were officially over.


Competing for stars for the whole camp, Celebrity Boxing was introduced. Grant and Abbie were chosen to navigate an obstacle course time trial with, you guessed it, a box on their head.


After succeeding in turning on a light switch in each room, a team member then gave directions on how to literally cut shapes so that Grant and Abbie could manoeuvre into the next obstacle room.


Grant scored five stars in just over 10 minutes, leaving Abbie to nail four stars. Visibly upset as to how stressful and hot the experience was, Abbie broke down disappointed at missing the final star but was comforted by her teammates.


Back at camp the teams where united at last and Dipper led a rousing speech welcoming everyone into the red team. Later, he found Jack for a heartfelt chat about his sexuality.


Dinner drop saw Colin literally step up to the plate to cook crocodile tail for camp. Exclaiming how delicious it was, Colin cheekily remarked that his food was way better than Miguel’s!


Tomorrow night, Toni’s chosen to take on the Tower of Terror in her first solo trial. Will she take the ultimate leap of faith to score stars for camp?