10 has released a first look at some of the contestants for The Amazing Race Australia.


True-blue Cowboys, Brendon and Jackson from New South Wales, are saddling up for the adventure of a lifetime. Having met through rodeoing over 10 years ago, these adrenaline-loving, thrill-seeking, young dads are prepared to take on whatever challenge is thrown their way. Except when it comes to frogs.  


Victorian siblings Skye-Blue and Jake are out to prove that families that race together, are ace together! 

Skye-Blue was born without a left hand, but doesn’t let that hold her back! After a lifetime of people underestimating her, she has kept her determination to prove she can do absolutely anything she wants. And at a towering 6’5”, brother Jake believes his height will be an asset to them on the Race.

Sydney Power Couple, Holly and Dolor, are used to chasing their careers, but how will they fair chasing cane toads? Holly is a lawyer, and her boyfriend of five years, Dolor hails from Nigerian royalty. Ambitious, driven, and terrified of insects – will they bug out before they can take the crown?


The Amazing Race Australia.

Premieres Monday, 1 February.

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