The Brains Flex Their Muscle

The Brains Flex Their Muscle

n tonight’s episode of Australian Survivor, the Brawn Tribe learnt it’s going to take more than muscle alone to emerge victorious, as they lost their first Immunity Challenge, and snuffed the torch of Queensland cleaner, Janelle.

Waking up to another day in the Outback, the Brains were still shaken after the massive play by George at last night’s Tribal Council, which has in turn, left him with a big target on his back.

Over in the Brawn Tribe, the Tribemates continued to struggle with creating a fire, until Emmett finally came through and brought the heat.

At the Reward Challenge, one member from each Tribe went head-to-head, racing under a net to retrieve a bag buried at the end and place it in their team’s square. After taunting Joey and a long wrestle, it was Emmett who took the seemingly unstoppable Brawn to victory, as they secured their third Reward challenge in a row.

The Immunity Challenge saw the Tribes compete in a water obstacle course, to retrieve a key that opened a box with a puzzle inside. Brains’ George and Wai teamed up which proved to be the right combo to lead the Brains to their first win.

Back at camp, defeated after their first loss, Brawn Janelle was on a war path, trying to convince the Tribe that Emmett, and his smugness, need to go. Meanwhile, the rest of the Tribe suggested that in fact, she was the weakest link, and therefore should go home. Simon threw in another option: his biggest threat, Shannon.

As the votes were counted, it was revealed Flick went against the six-strong alliance, resulting in Janelle being the first Brawn eliminated, and Shannon left reeling and exposed after a failed blindside.


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