Puzzle, Puzzle, Brawn’s In Trouble.

Puzzle, Puzzle, Brawn’s In Trouble.

On tonight’s Australian Survivor,the Brawn Tribe’s second consecutive defeat in the Immunity Challenge saw their return to Tribal Council,

Earlier at Brains camp, the team rejoiced in last night’s win with no one going home, however, the morale dropped with their lack of fire. With the help of survival expert Andrew, the Tribe worked together to create a spark. It may have taken them almost a week, but fire was finally theirs!

At the Reward Challenge, two members from each Tribe held a trough, while another two defended it from the onslaught of water buckets thrown from the opposing Tribe. With Brains Cara and Laura unable to stop the onslaught of Brawn’s tactics, Brawn took the win, and the heart-warming Reward; coffee, tea and biscuits served alongside some family portraits.

Next up, the Immunity Challenge saw the Tribes solve an oversized puzzle, unlocking a ring required to climb a wall. In order to take the win, Tribes were required to navigate a swinging platform, and knock down a tower of blocks with sandbags, before restacking them on a seesaw.

It was public servant and fedora enthusiast George who worked out the puzzle first, sending the Brains Tribe miles ahead. They couldn’t be stopped and easily took out the win, giving Brawn a date with Tribal Council.

Speaking of Brawn, Flick got busy recruiting her alliance to target Simon, Gavin and Emmett – they agreed on Gavin. Simon worried Flick had flipped and searched for the swing vote: Big D. Seeing this, Kez went Idol hunting, and like something out of a spy movie set in the Outback, she managed to secure the first Immunity Idol of the season. Just. In. Time.

At Tribal Council, the alliance came through, sealing Gavin’s fate and seeing him bid goodbye to the title of Sole Survivor.

With the Brawn Tribe has now split in two; Flick, Benny, Shannon, Big D, Gerald and Kez versus Simon, Emmett, Chelsea, Dani and Gerald, it’s anyone’s game.  


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