The Bombs Shake up the Villa

The Bombs Shake up the Villa

It’s heating up in the villa as we have our first love quadrangle, so early on.

Claudia shared a passionate kiss with Austen at the Red Flags challenge and can’t stop thinking about him, despite being with Jordan.

Jordan feels happy with Claudia, but she is having doubts. It looks like Austen is feeling the same with his relationship with Layla.

Claudia confides in her best friend in the villa, Jessica, that she is having feelings for Austen, as Layla comes over and makes it clear he is her man.

Andre and Stella are developing their relationship, after Andre admits to her he is feeling something. They are out of the friend zone.

Our bombs are making themselves known, with both Callum and Tak making it clear that Jessica is their type, which makes Conor jealous. Tak has even shared a kiss with Jess.

Austen pulls Claudia for a chat, in front of Layla, at the night party and admits he felt something with the kiss as well.

He isn’t done with Layla yet, and after a chat where she lays her heart on her sleeve, saying she really likes him, they share a passionate kiss.

In the bedroom, Claudia ignores Jordan, he knows something is up.

In the morning, Layla doesn’t feel good about the situation, as does Jordan. She wants to speak to Claudia to find out what is happening.

Callum and Tak get a text, they are going on dates and get to pick two Islanders. Callum and Tak both choose Jess to date, Tak also chooses Stella and Callum also chooses Claudia for their second dates.

Conor admits to Phoebe back in the villa that he is not happy Jess is on two dates, and perhaps his past behaviour has impacted his relationship with Jess.

Jordan finally approaches Claudia to see what is going on, and she admits she wants to get to know Austen more, he is upset she hasn’t been more upfront.

The Islanders will be waiting to see what happens with Jordan and Claudia and Austen and Layla, as both relationships look to be on rocky ground.


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