Colin Works with the Devil

Colin Works with the Devil

To save or not to save: that is the question on Colin’s mind when he discovers the true intentions behind the owner of Cooks @ Corrigan in tonight’s Kitchen Nightmares Australia.

Colin arrived at Corrigan’s Cove Resort – a four-and-a-half-star seaside resort in NSW’s Bateman’s Bay – hoping to learn more about the angry chef and disgruntled staff he saw in the restaurant’s application video. But he was surprised to hear owner Andrew sing a different tune. 

“I get here, everyone’s harmonious. It’s all roses in the garden if you talk to him. That’s the bulls**t alarm, it’s ringing loud and fast. There’s more to this than meets the eye,” Colin said.

While talking to waitress Sasha, Colin discovered the seaside restaurant served imported, frozen seafood masked as fresh. Shocked, Colin asked Sasha: “Do you tell customers?” She said no.

But that’s not the only thing Colin picked up: “I can tell from talking to Sasha that she’s been worded up. Every time I start asking her a question, she’s looking over her shoulder to see Andrew.”

Unhappy with Cooks @ Corrigan’s exorbitantly priced signature seafood platter, Colin provided harsh feedback to test if chef James had a temper: “What do you get for $160? Three plates of disappointment!” Failing to get a reaction from him, Colin said: “I’m not hearing a peep outta James. This is not what Sasha told me in the video.”

Andrew consistently found excuses to rebuff Colin’s criticism, even claiming Colin planted customers to give harsh feedback.

After an explosive first night at the restaurant, Colin decided to put an end to this PR stunt as he showed the application video to the staff, leaving Andrew fuming.

“Andrew is still wiggling his way out of it in denial, which is ludicrous. He just won’t admit what he’s done. I’d be happy to walk away from Andrew but I’m not gonna walk away from a fellow chef that needs my help”, Colin said before taking James for a fresh seafood tasting.

James told Colin that he wasn’t making enough money to survive as he was not employed full-time, especially with a baby on the way. Shocked at this knowledge, Colin arranged a chat between Andrew and James to break the ice between the two.

Later, Colin and James created a special to trial, comparing fresh seafood to the frozen meals they already served, hoping Andrew would realise the fresh food not only tasted better but was also cost efficient. 

Even though the night was a success, Colin still needed to be convinced that Andrew would fully commit to this fresh attitude. If he didn’t, Colin wouldn’t relaunch the restaurant.

After three frustrating and confusing days, Colin started to get Andrew onboard with the “fresh is best” message and relaunched the restaurant as the best fresh seafood restaurant in Bateman’s Bay.


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