The Block Wine Drama Fallout

The Block Wine Drama Fallout

Ankur and Sharon head off The Block together to pick up a restored door for their master bedroom. Their builder Liam is left behind on The Block to make all the decisions. Liam is also taking care of Sharon’s furniture deliveries as well, as she wants lots of options.

Scotty and Shelley visit all the houses and contestants to see how their week is progressing. Ankur and Sharon getting the recipe for the wine challenge 100 per cent right is on everyone lips, as it’s obvious Ankur Googled the recipe.

Scotty and Shelley give Ankur and Sharon a chance to admit what they did, as technically it isn’t cheating. However, they stick to their story that Sharon’s Dad is a wine grower and they drank a lot of the Samantha Paddock’s 2015 red wine in lockdown.

Shelley can’t understand why they just don’t own it, as it’s obvious they Googled the recipe.

Scotty and Shelley ask all the other contestants what they think of Ankur and Sharon Googling the recipe, and they agree with them. The contestants can’t understand why they just don’t own up to it and admit they Googled the wine recipe.

Back to the building, a mystery fireplace has appeared in Omar and Oz’s master bedroom. Foreman Dan is furious as it hasn’t been approved and doesn’t have engineering behind it. They must remove the fireplace, much to their disappointment.

At the Friday drinks at Scotty’s house, they have a wine tasting challenge. Ankur, who was so quick to guess the right ingredients to the Samantha’s Paddock wine, is terrible as this challenge. It raises eyebrows.

Dylan wins the win challenge, and $1000. It’s Dylan and Jenny’s first win on The Block.


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