Model Couple Miss Out On Top Spot.

Model Couple Miss Out On Top Spot.

In a world first for Racers across the globe, 18 teams descended on Morocco’s Chefchaouen and realised they weren’t the only teams in the race.

Heading to the town square, teams got dizzy spinning a tassel attached to a Fez. Proving it’s anyone’s game, The Dragon Boat mums Jodie and Claire took out the win and ended the day on a high.

Waking up and heading to Aladdin’s Cave of Soap, teams began to realise the way forward was to work together to build a specific soap stack. With Melbourne teams sticking together they were ahead of the pack and onto painting the steps of Chefchaouen blue.

With the final hurdle matching similar doors to their photos, it was Jake and Holly who finished in first place but incurred a half hour penalty for quitting the Fez challenge. With all other teams arriving in quick succession, it was Jake and Holly who were eliminated from The Race.


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