The Block Sky High the Final Countdown Begins

The Block Sky High the Final Countdown Begins

`The contestants have just 72 hours to finish The Block can they do it?

As morning rises everyone’s sleeping as they had an agreement no work till 9am. However matt is awake and tells us that it’s time for level two to take control. Trixie on the other hand is over the whole working on the rooftop with no support. Matt calls a meeting about deadlines Madi finds this amusing as everyone’s ones been ignoring the foyer and there is still a lot to do. Jhonno worried that if neither the rooftop nor entrance are completed that Trixie will get the blame. It’s because of this that matt takes control and tells everyone to just suck it up and. He isn’t too worried about the fellow contestant’s reactions.  Keith thinks it’s a good idea that he is delegating jobs. On level 1 the twins are cleaning their apartment ahead of Neale’s visit which they won as part of the challenge yesterday and they are nervous, Neale arrives to give them some styling advice with breakfast he has got their $5000. He wouldn’t change too much in their apartment just add an extra char in the lounge room. Neale would also remove the family photos so they buyers can imagine themselves in the apartment.

Scott and shelly pay the block one last visit to The Block they talk to matt about being Forman. He admits he did it to make sure things het done. Bec says its fun working together. Neale gives them advice on the art in the master bedroom it needs to go and quickly. In the terrace he says they need to move the table and remove the artwork. Scotty and shelly go to the rooftop and it looks good. The girl’s foyer needs a lamp and changes the frame on the art piece. The girls aren’t telling anything that Neale said.

The teams are going along swimmingly so Trixie is putting plants in the rooftop that don’t require much looking after. The brick wall is almost completed except for the top row which requires bricks to be cut in half. They also need to do another 2 columns where the water feature will go and Keith’s not impressed the wall has taken 3 days but it should be done in one and he’s fed up and over it. Eventually the bricks are being cut. Matt isn’t happy as it has to be done because of the tiler.

Bec and matt have a disagreement over getting all the work done its quite heated Bec isn’t impressed and tells him not to panic it will get done for the tiler. Bec is still stressing while matt picks that it isn’t going to happen. George isn’t stressed and matt doesn’t care that he may have offended Bec or George. Meanwhile Trixie is planting as the sun sets everyone admits the block is home and they don’t want to leave

The next day everyone’s up early and George is happy. Matt wishes he wasn’t in charge and regrets being rude to Bec and George. A no power tools day means lots of painting and gardening. George and Bec Madi the twins and Trixie take the time to go shopping. The artist has arrived and the piece for the foyer has to be delivered on the back of a truck it’s huge. The tiler has arrived also but with the floor not being level he can’t start work in the foyer also adding to the teams problem is the fact it’s a no tools day. So the tiler will return tomorrow and matt and Jarrod get about levelling the floor.

With the girls shopping Jhonno sets about changing the colour of their terrace to match the kitchen. Matt was a little stressed but told Jhonno to continue painting.

George and Bec return to the block. Kim tells them the tiller and water feature came and no one was here so matt and Kim stayed back instead of shopping. Kym wants to paint the foyer but matt says not to and just paint their house and shop tomorrow.




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