Masterchef July 14 -18

This week the top 12 will become 10 in a week where fast food is the theme.

Sunday 14 July, 7.30pm
It’s a mystery box challenge tonight and the group are divided into four teams, each having to create their own version of three fast food favourites: the burger, fried chicken and a kebab.

They have only as long as it takes Matt Preston to travel out and buy his own favourite fast food – and theirs must be better than what he returns with. The team with the worst food will go through to the elimination challenge.

Monday 15 July, 7.30pm
Tonight on MasterChef Australia three contestants must decide what is more important to them in the kitchen: the time they have available to prep and cook, or the ingredients they have at their disposal.

In this elimination challenge the contestants must bid against each other for the items they want to cook with in a rapid fire auction, and instead of money, they will bid with minutes. The more they spend, the less time left for cooking.

At the end of the day the contestant who serves up the least impressive dish to the judges will be eliminated.

Tuesday 16 July, 7.30pm
Today we join the 11 remaining contestants at Red Hill Estate on the Mornington Peninsula where they will create club sandwiches for 50 car club enthusiasts, but not before they complete a MasterChef Australia car rally of their own.

Divided into two teams, the rally will see them travel to three different check points where at each they choose a team member to complete the challenge. The first team to complete each challenge gets the first choice of core ingredients.

The team with the winning sandwich will be safe from the next elimination challenge.

Wednesday 17 July, 7.30pm
In the spirit of Fast Food Week, guest chef Daniel Wilson, from Melbourne’s popular Huxtable and Huxtaburger restaurants, is welcomed into the MasterChef Australia kitchen to present the elimination challenge: his perfect hot dog.

The five contestants up for elimination have just 90 minutes to recreate the maple-glazed bacon hot dog with comte and dijon sauce, tomato and quince relish and mustard pickles.

Daniel will join the judges in deciding which hot dog is worst and that contestant will be eliminated.

Thursday 18 July, 7.30pm
On tonight’s MasterClass, guest chef Curtis Stone serves up his take on salmon with baby broccoli. Gary takes on the challenge of proving that fast food can be healthy food when he makes Vietnamese rice paper rolls with peanut dipping sauce. Following on from the Mornington Peninsula rally challenge, George shows us some tips and tricks to take the humble club sandwich to a MasterChef Australia level.

Matt embraces the idea of fast food but with a twist, showing us an ultra-fast cheat’s method for the traditional sponge.

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