The Block Sky High The BLOCK is ready for auction

The Block Sky High The BLOCK is ready for auction

It’s been a crazy 55 episodes of madness but by the end of tonight everything will be done and dusted and spruced up.

As the team rise for their final day on the block everyone’s excited and can’t wait to go home but before they do the final spaces must be completed.

So here’s a refresher on who has what spaces this week

Jhonno and Trixie have the lounge room Bec and George have the dining room; Alisa and Lysandra have the kitchen. While Madi and Jarod and matt and Kim    have the two courtyards on opposite ends of the building. George has finished his area so he’s helping out everyone else. With two hours left the teams are planting and cleaning. Trixie and Jhonno have to construct their room after everyone has finished walking through. Madi still has to plant her plants. The fire pit needs to be filled and deck swept off. Bec has swept the deck and we discover teams have only 30 minutes left. The intercom has been installed and with seconds to spare the block is complete and tools are down.

Everyone is hugging and ecstatic that they have completed the task. The teams meet Scotty in the park and he tells them to turn around and look at the 6 story building they have built. As a reward Scotty and shelly will be hosting a party on the rooftop Terence later this evening. All contestants will be made over everyone’s excited.

Last week Jarrod and Madi took $20,000 off their reserve. In second place Bec & George, took $15,000 off. In third place was Trixie & Jhonno, shaving $10,000 off their reserve price. So matt and Kim and the twins hope to win the top two spots this week.

Trixie and Jhonno are first up to be judged. It gets a wow from Neale calling cool shaynna loves the chair and say it gives off a warm feeling. Darrin says they meet the brief it’s relaxed and clearly them. They don’t like such a small table for a big TV but the room makes the judges smile.

All contestants meet shelly for their makeover to help them out they have Kris smith for fashion advice and a $1000 budget. With that everyone’s off. Matt doesn’t know what size he is. Bec find her dress quickly the boys struggle though.

Next up to be judged is Bec and George’s dining room. Neale upon entering calls it an amazing space and an instant omg from Darren. They love the cladding shaynna says this mixed the surfaces perfect. They love the light and they all agree they took every opportunity to wow the judges.

The twins are next they love the storage shaynna loves the marble on the bench and it looks amazing. Neale is eating his words he loves the light feature. They love it shaynna thinks the twins should change careers as they have an eye for detail.

Matt and kids courtyard has an instant impact and shaynna loves how it carries on from the kitchen. They love the barbecue calling it sexy. They love the seating and paving. The choices they made were unexpected but work. They even love the statue.

Kim is finding it hard to find something. Matt and Jarrod get advice from Kris on jackets. Trixie is going plain apparently but the twins look stunning.

Madi and Jarrod are last for judging. They love the built in ice box. It is very detailed they love the astro turf. The fire pit is called great everyone should be proud.

Everyone is scrubbed up pretty well and after hair and makeup is done. It’s time for the final scores

Scotty welcomes them back to HQ and congregates them on completing the block.

It’s time to find out who wins. We won’t see the scores just yet as Scott announces the winner beforehand. The winners are… taking $20,000 off their reserve is… Alisa and Lysandra

In second place are Matt and Kim, taking $15,000 off. In third place are Madi and Jarrod, shaving $10,000 off their reserve price.


The scores (Darren, Shaynna, Neale and total):

Trixie & Jhonno: 8.5, 8.5, 8.5= 25.5

Madi & Jarrod: 9.5, 8.5, 9 = 27

Bec & George: 8.5, 9, 8.5 = 26

Kim & Matt: 9.5, 9, 9.5= 28

Alisa & Lysandra: 10, 10, 10 = 30

At the end of the 2 week challenge  Madi and Jarrod have the most off their reserve with $30,000 Alisa and Lysandra have $20.000 Bec and George and matt and Kim both have 15,000 with Trixie and Jhonno have $10,000.

Everyone arrives at the block with news that the lift is back in action. Everyone has a great time socialising and parting they even let off fireworks.

Now the only reaming hurdle is the auction so I’ll see you all then.




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