The Block Sky High: The All Important Auction (2013 finale Recap)

The Block Sky High: The All Important Auction (2013 finale Recap)

It’s been a huge 11 weeks for the teams on The block but who will walk away with  the most money in the end? Read on and find out.

Scotty goes down in the Block elevator as music slowly begins playing ‘sweet dreams’. When he gets outside, he is greeted by the crowd lining up for the inspection. He tells us what the stakes are before the show begins.

We are then taken to the very last day on The Block as all of the contestants wake up and ponder on what they will do when they finally escape!

The contestants finally leave The Block after one last group hug and one last cheer. The next day is the open inspection. The general public have been lining up all night! It’s going to be another big day! It’s a big fanfare- with some VIPs joining the fray of the crowd. As the crowds move through the levels, we see a recap for each and every couple. Everyone’s apartment got a high wrap and it looks like everyone will sell with ease.

It’s then back to find out the reserves and auction order.

The contestants meet Scotty to find out their reserves. The keys to the briefcases containing the reserves are going to be brought down by skydivers. The contestants find their reserves but decide not to tell each other. Then comes the all-important auction order. They struggle to make a decision and it gets quite heated. They end up drawing from a hat. The order is as follows:

1 Alisa & Lysandra

2 Trixie & Johnno

3 Madi & Jarrod

4 Bec and George

5 Kim and Matt

Matt and Kim aren’t too happy but there’s nothing they can do now it’s auction day. The contestants meet the crowd in the park. However before they can begin, Scotty has to give away his motorbike to the most popular contestant as voted by viewers. These contestants were Bec and George. With that it’s time for the first auction.

The twins have a reserve of $1,140,000 and the open bid Is $1,000,000. They eventually pocket a $295,000 profit.

Next up is the penthouse of Trixie and Johnno. Their reserve is 1.4 million. They bank $1,650,000 in total ($250,000 profit) and they thank their family.

Madi and Jarrod’s reserve is $1,310,000. They almost beat the twins with $291,000, but that’s not close enough.

Bec and George are next. Their reserve is $1.265 million. Their profit ends up being $242,000- keeping the twins in front.

Matt and Kim are last. Their reserve is $1,205,000 however they only pocket $250,000 meaning the twins have won The Block Sky High. They are also the first female team to win the block. Everyone is in shock but very happy.

As the series and my recapping shows for 2013 have come to an end I would seriously like to thank everyone for reading but also a huge thanks to Courtney who without this journey wouldn’t have been as rewarding as it is.

this was a joint recap


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