MasterChef Australia Season Five – Lurve Week Begins

MasterChef Australia Season Five – Lurve Week Begins

All’s fair in love and war, right? Well, this week, we’re concentrating on the ‘love’ aspect of MasterChef Australia- but it will require a heck of a lot of warring to make it to the end of this round!

The contestants enter the kitchen with Samira who returned last week. Inside the kitchen are mystery boxes- which are empty! Strange.

Instead, they have to pick five ingredients from the pantry plus one ‘undesired’ ingredient. They have 75 minutes to cook. The three worst dish-makers will be put into tomorrow’s elimination.

The freaky ingredients they can pick from include different types of offal, durian and sea urchins. Kelty gets some custard apple, Vern has gone for sea urchin and Noelene got some brains.

But…as this week is all about love, and love is all about giving- they have to give their box to someone else and cook with someone else’s ingredients.

Samira gives her stuff to Vern. Vern gives his stuff to Noelene. Noelene gifts her ingredients to Kelty who gives his stuff to Christina who, in turn, gives her stuff to Daniel. Daniel gives his to Daniel’s who gives his to Lynton who gives his to Emma. Emma gives hers back to Lynton while Neha gives Lucy her box. Lucy gives her box back to Neha which means Rishi keeps his box!

With this, their 75 minute cooking time begins!

Christina seems to have an interesting dish idea which involves poached salmon. Rishi, who is keeping his old idea, will be cooking herb-infused pasta with a chorizo sauce. Kelty is asking Noelene for help. Well, it’s the least she could do for poor, helpless Kelty.

Lucy is going to create a meringue from Neha’s ingredients. Neha is going to do a pavlova as well. Meanwhile, Samira is struggling with her sea urchin. Noelene is helping her too now! She is also doing Sea Urchin and is actually excited for this challenge.

35 minutes remain. Vern is doing some ice cream balls! Kelty ends up going with chutney with deep fried brains. This sounds like it could be simple…and crap! He has fifteen minutes left.

All of a sudden, Rishi’s pasta sauce is not working as he realises he’s overcooked his tomatoes. This may not work. Christina is also overcooking her own food. Eep. Vern is also running out of time for bloody ice cream!

Five minutes to go and Rishi is now overcooking his pasta.

Despite all these problems, time is soon up and tasting begins.

Samira is first up with her Cured Tuna with Sea Urchin. George says the sweet and salty combination makes sense and Matt loves the textures. Gary calls it a restaurant quality dish.

Noelene is next with her Pan-seared tuna and sea urchin. Similar dish- not so similar feedback. The sea urchin was used properly, but the tuna was not.

Kelty is next with his Crumbed lamb brains and chutney. The judges believe he’s pulled one out of the bag with this dish! It’s the best dish he’s cooked.

Rishi is next with his herb Pappardelle. Without tasting it, Gary already thinks it is the least creative despite Rishi’s advantage. After tasting it, Gary calls it pedestrian.

Christina brings up her Crispy Skin Salmon next. They love the presentation. They love the cooking of the salmon. They love the dish. George calls it genius.

Daniel brings his pan-seared sweet bread up next which is a hit. Emma has Mushroom Rosti which is branded a middle-of-the-road dish. Lynton brings up some pan-seared quail which is delicious.

Neha and Lucy bring their meringues up together and they will be judged together! Neha has put too much cornflour in her dish. Lucy’s meringue is a bit chewy but it seems Lucy has won this battle.

Vern is last. He has plated up some custard and rhubarb dipping treats called ‘Bittersweet’. The judges don’t find it a delicious dessert.

So, to those all important decisions.

The three heading into elimination tomorrow are…Neha, Vern and Rishi! However, if Rishi uses his immunity pin tomorrow- Noelene will be placed into the bottom three.