The Block: Sky High Season Six – Things Get Emotional

The Block: Sky High Season Six – Things Get Emotional

As we know, Bec & George are having a pretty rough time, but as the contestants return to The Block, it’s hard to forget what’s most important in life.

Bec’s mother is not doing well and while the week off has helped, things still look dire. It’s going to be another brutal week. At least the other contestants have been able to come back to The Block with a refreshed view on life.

Luckily, while they were away, some lovely tradies still carried out essential renovation work. When the contestants arrive back at Block HQ, Scotty reveals… Bec & George are back! Also, they find out that this week, they’re doing ANOTHER bedroom and bathroom- this will be the final one though.

Later on, they all get to work. Bec & George know they may be called away at any moment so they make all the quick and difficult design decisions before Bec returns to the hospital. George stays back to do as much as he can.

The next day, the contestants enjoy their first early wake up since returning to the Block. Jarrod wants to have coffee with George, however he has left and he texts to make sure everything is alright. Downstairs, it’s all go at the twin’s level!

Later, George & Bec’s builder Tom reveals they were rushed into hospital but luckily, there’s a lot he and his tradies can do in their absence. Jarrod also assures George he will do his best.

Matt & Kim are known for their wacky decisions, but in recent weeks, they’ve gone a bit more mature. This week, they’re indecisive on their design. Matt wants one thing and Kim wants the other. Luckily, they get there in time to give Stegbar their orders.

Johnno & Trixie have decided to put a spa bath in their final bathroom. Now, the last thing they want to do this week is copy the twin’s design AGAIN! We know what that leads to. Oh, but guess what the twins want? A spa bath! Luckily, the twins find out spa baths are dated anyway, so it didn’t matter.

We see that the twins and Trixie are still at odds with each other.

To take a break, Matt, Kim and the twins relax at the beach with some beers. The fact they didn’t invite the other contestants does not go unnoticed. They get a call from Jarrod who confirms that Bec’s mother has passed away. It gives them all shivers. It gives me shivers.

It’s not a good day at all. They will be taking the next few days off.