House Rules Season One – Victorian House Reveal

House Rules Season One – Victorian House Reveal

The contestants have been working hard on the brother’s house in Victoria this week and tonight, all that hard work will either pay off or be laid off. Which one will it be?

The contestants are into the final day of this round of the competition. We return to the horrific situation befalling Sean & Amy. Amy stayed up all night painting the wall but when Sean put some tape on it, he ripped some paint right off, meaning it has to be redone. Amy is taking it sort of well.

Michelle and Steve are now feeing the space crunch with such a small area and so many tradies. Meanwhile, Carly & Leighton have so much room to paint. Carly doesn’t think she can do it all in time so she decides to move on and not worry about painting. Leighton doesn’t agree and continues painting. The problem causes another fight.

Only four and a half hours remain. There’s now a problem with a door Steve has installed. Due to the hot weather, the door has warped. Steve has a theory that if he leaves it in the sun with a weight on it, it can be bent back into place. He gives it a go.

Meanwhile, going off shopping, Jemma lands herself in the middle of the outback almost! Jane meanwhile is struggling to find a wallpaper guy that can complete their wallpapering jobs. Plinio meanwhile needs her to go find some paint. There seems to be a shortage of paint. The noise is getting to her! In that process, she is asked to do more jobs- get a new tap and toilet roll holder. She almost has a panic attack!

Two hours to go and Carly & Leighton’s lounge arrives. It comes in five flat packs! But Sean is having bigger problems! His dishwasher can’t fit into the hole. Leighton regretfully helps them with a suggestion of taking the top off of it, which will let it fit.

With Jane gone and no wallpaper guy to help, Plinio is left to do the wallpapering. He begins the mammoth job.

With an hour to go, Sean becomes a mad man runner to get things done. By the time Johanna arrives, there’s still so much to go! Plinio meanwhile is doing a brilliant job at wallpapering- much better than Steve.

Meanwhile, Jane is pissed off because Plinio put a towel rack in an impossible place on the wall. Jemma and Ben frantically try to light their fire by hooking in the gas. Only a minute is left.

With thirty seconds to go, Ben can’t find a drill to put his frame back on the fire. He gets it done just in time.

Soon, time is up!

It’s now time for judging. Here comes Wendy and Joe.

The first zone they look at is the lounge and entrance hall created by Jemma and Ben. Joe calls their feature interesting and loves their guts for going floor to ceiling. Wendy loves the sofa and the entrance. Joe thinks the feature in the hallway is clever. Wendy likes the mirror they put up to hide the ‘L’ shape archway.

To Amy & Sean’s family, meal and kitchen area. Wendy is drawn to the kitchen and Joe calls it slick and big. Wendy feels the risk of a black kitchen works. Their dining table is also praised. Joe also likes their family couch.

Michelle & Steve’s bathroom and laundry is up next. Joe calls their tiling radical and Wendy loves them. Wendy however notices the missed opportunities for cupboard space. They call the bathroom snazzy but feminine. Wendy feels there are cleverer ways of using the space.

Fourth are Carly & Leighton with the den, Nick’s bedroom and centre hall. Joe loves the lay out but Wendy doesn’t like the ceiling. Joe doesn’t think there’s soul in the room but loves the fireplace. Wendy doesn’t like the fact they’ve turned potential space into a bar. Joe likes it. Wendy doesn’t like the paint job in the den and actually doesn’t like the colour scheme at all.

Jane & Plinio are last with Chris’ bedroom and ensuite.

Wendy is impressed with the wallpaper, as is Joe. Wendy also loves the drawers and ceiling rose. She doesn’t think they all go together. They are surprised by the size of the ensuite. They don’t like the tiles though. Joe wants a more generous vanity and mirror.

It’s now time for Nick & Chris’ input. But we’ll see that at Home Base. The contestants arrive for the scores. Here they are in order from Wendy, Joe and the total.

MICHELLE & STEVE: 5 + 7 = 12

JANE & PLINIO: 6 + 7 = 13

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 5 + 4 = 9

AMY & SEAN: 9 + 10 = 19

JEMMA & BEN: 10 + 10 = 20

Right now, Carly & Leighton are in last place while Jemma & Ben are on top with a perfect score of 20.

Now it’s time for Nick & Chris’ criticism. They’re pretty blown away when they enter for the first time. They approve of the front living area. They also can’t stop smiling at their kitchen. Nick actually isn’t too keen on the black colour design due to fingerprint problems. They do like the bathroom though, despite being small. Chris isn’t too sure about the laundry tiles.

To Nick’s room and he actually doesn’t mind the fireplace despite hating it before. He loves the room. They’re a fan of the bar. To the den and they can’t work the bed too well. Nick wanted something more easy to use.

Chris is impressed with his bedroom and ensuite. Now for the scores. Here are the updated scores with the original points, points scored by Nick & Chris and the final total.

JEMMA & BEN: 20 + 8 = 28

AMY & SEAN: 19 + 6 = 25

JANE & PLINIO: 13 + 7 = 20

MICHELLE & STEVE: 12 + 4 = 16

CARLY & LEIGHTON: 9 + 5 = 14

That makes Jemma & Ben the winners, and Carly & Leighton the losers!

Luckily for Carly & Leighton, it’s their house being renovated next- so they dodge that bullet! Naturally, Michelle & Steve should be in it as the second-lowest scorers; however Carly & Leighton will get to decide. They go with Michelle & Steve anyway.