The Block Sky High Season Six – Shelley Visits the Master Bedrooms

The Block Sky High Season Six – Shelley Visits the Master Bedrooms

It’s another day on The Block, and while everyone would LOVE a relaxing day, I doubt that’s actually going to happen!

The episode opens with Matt bewildered about how people are able to pay for their tradies when he and Kim are struggling to pay for things and they do a lot of stuff themselves. George runs through a huge list of tradies that he will be using. Tomorrow will be Lysandra’s five year anniversary with her husband. Her husband gets her a gift box full of stuff made in South Australia.

Bec is struggling today as her plasterer is always tardy, making her fall behind. Back down on level one, Shiran teaches the twins to plaster as Shiran has other plans for the day. Matt is also doing his own trade work for today, working on his polished concrete floating wall.

Back on Bec’s level, the plasterer has arrived and work can continue. Unfortunately however, Keith is concerned about the quality of the plastering. To Matt’s level and he is still suspicious about other people’s use of tradies. Matt thinks the reason why some people can afford so many tradies is because they are paying them cheaply. He thinks if it makes a difference at the end of the day, it is cheating.

Outside, Shelley arrives and inspects the rooms level by level. Trixie and Johnno are first and they spruik their expensive bed. They also find out Johnno doesn’t make many decisions. They also spruik an expensive chair. They don’t know if they will get to finish their walk in wardrobe.

Madi & Jarrod are not sure if they are following what the judges want. After that one, they go to Matt & Kim’s room, noticeably missing Bec & George’s level. Shelley is liking their concreted walls. Last up are the twins, who are comically ‘on heat’. It’s quite hilarious.

So, we then go to Bec’s level to find out that Bec’s mother has taken a turn for the worse. They’re off to the hospital. It’s not good to see. Scott breaks the news to the other contestants and asks them to help them out with stuff as they’re not coming home tonight. While they’re all gathered there, Scott and Shelley show them what the exterior of the building will look like when they’re done. It looks amazing.

It’s now time for Matt & Kim to open their safety deposit boxes. They win some stamps and some baby toys. Matt wants to complain to The Block staff for such shit prizes.

After all the fun and games, Alisa needs more plastering done but her plasterer isn’t coming. She asks Matt if his plasterer can help, but it’s too short notice.

The next day, contestants find out Bec’s mother only just made it through the night and hasn’t got long to live. It’s not a comfortable situation for anyone.

But to some good news, Alisa’s plasterer eventually arrived and plastered until 4.30am. George returns to the Block to get the room finished. People begin bringing in furniture.

Matt & Kim were excited to see the exterior will include 14 vertical gardens. She goes to the supplier to look at getting one for their terrace.

Madi and Jarrod have a bit of a bicker about whether Madi should get him food. Back at The Block, Matt is using Trixie & Johnno’s challenge room doona as a paint sheet. He doesn’t realise it is an expensive part of Trixie & Johnno’s room.

Johnno is not happy…