House Rules Season One – Carly & Leighton Reach Breaking Point

House Rules Season One – Carly & Leighton Reach Breaking Point

They’re the feuding couple of the season and tonight, Carly & Leighton’s relationship is stretched like never before. Will House Rules break them, or will they manage? Also, are they the only couple having issues…?

Today’s Melbourne forecast is a scorching 38 degrees. I certainly wouldn’t want to b
e working in that heat!

As the teams arrive for work, Leighton arrives alone. He and Carly had a massive argument last night and now Carly thinks it is best to stay away from the house for now. It doesn’t last long though as Carly arrives after shopping.

Meanwhile, Jane is unable to turn up due to a bad back. Plinio feels weird working without Jane. He has a mammoth task ahead of him. Steve is on hand to help Plinio as Steve knows what it’s like to have an injury from the Perth job.

Carly & Leighton are now working on their den, turning it into a spare bedroom and study area. They are also going to build a mini-bar. Carly then leaves to grab some paint.

Jane goes to the hospital and tearily explains that she’s been barred from work for a couple of days. They don’t have a couple of days!!!

Later on in the day, Sean finds out that his kitchen wall is on a lean. With his cabinetry already installed, it’s not an easy fix. They will have to replaster the wall and fill the gap between the cabinet. The only problem is, they don’t have time!

Meanwhile, Ben and Jemma are actually happy with their progress with their feature fireplace wall all done. Meanwhile, Leighton is shaken after seeing a pretty nasty car crash. It wakens him up and puts things in perspective. It seems to give him an updated attitude towards Carly.

As the day comes to a close, there is only a day and a half left and contestants begin to assess just how much of a workload they will have come the next morning.

While Plinio has a huge amount of painting to do, he luckily has Jane back in relatively good health and able to complete the odd job. He’s also going to wallpaper a huge wall. He tells Steve that his wallpaper has to be put on perfectly as there’s no room for mistakes. Steve has a flashback to last week and warns Plinio. Despite the warning, Plinio will still attempt it.

Carolyn comes in and notices that an archway erected in Leighton & Carly’s zone that only has a pillar on one side is noticeable in Jemma & Ben’s zone and it’s catastrophically distracting. They now have to come up a way to draw eyes away from it. They decide on making a mirror.

Funnily enough, with so much left to do, Nick & Chris are preparing to return to their house in less than a day’s time.

Now, with her injury, Jane is being sidelined by Plinio despite her wanting to do work. Sounds like Carly & Leighton. Jane is upset and leaves distressed. Michelle comforts her.

Tonight, the teams are going to pull some all-nighters however each couple will take shifts so one team member is working and the other is resting.

On the final day, Jane is concerned Plinio won’t have enough time to wallpaper and paint the room. Meanwhile, Amy’s paint job is ruined when it pulls off when Sean puts some tape on it. Amy is lividly pissed off.